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What are the deadliest roads in Texas?

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Texas is known for having some roads with high fatality rates due to factors such as high traffic volumes, rural areas, and various other factors. It’s important to note that road conditions and statistics can change over time, so it’s always advisable to stay updated with current data and exercise caution when driving. Here are a few roads in Texas that have historically been identified as having a higher number of fatal accidents:

Interstate 10 (I-10): As one of the longest highways in the United States, running from California to Florida, I-10 traverses Texas and has seen a significant number of fatal accidents due to its length, heavy traffic, and varying road conditions.

Interstate 35 (I-35): Running from the Mexican border to the Canadian border, I-35 passes through major cities in Texas, including Laredo, San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas. Its high traffic volume, combined with factors such as congestion, construction zones, and driver behavior, has contributed to fatal accidents.

U.S. Route 83 (US-83): Stretching from the Rio Grande Valley to the Canadian border, US-83 covers vast rural areas in Texas. The road’s length, limited passing zones, and potential for higher speeds can make it hazardous, particularly in remote regions.

U.S. Route 90 (US-90): Running through various Texas cities, including Houston, San Antonio, and Del Rio, US-90 has experienced a significant number of fatal accidents due to factors like high traffic, rural areas, and heavy commercial trucking.

U.S. Route 59 (US-59): Extending from the Mexico border to the Canadian border, US-59 passes through cities such as Laredo, Houston, and Texarkana. The road’s length, heavy traffic, and intersections with other major highways contribute to its reputation for fatal accidents.

State Highway 6 (SH-6): Running from the Gulf Coast to the Oklahoma border, SH-6 passes through Houston and other cities. It has seen a notable number of fatal accidents due to factors such as congestion, high traffic volumes, and varying road conditions.

It’s important to prioritize safety, adhere to speed limits, avoid distractions while driving, and exercise caution on any road. Stay updated with traffic reports, be aware of weather conditions, and follow the instructions of road signs and traffic signals. Remember that defensive driving practices can significantly reduce the risk of accidents.