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Advocating For You Against Fraud Charges

Many fraud offenses are charged at the felony level and several are federal crimes. You could face serious consequences if convicted of one of these offenses. You need a strong advocate in your corner throughout the process. Attorney Clarissa Fernandez Pratt is dedicated to protecting her clients at every step. With over a decade of experience in criminal law, she has the legal knowledge and well-honed trial skills necessary to help you fight your charges.

How Is Fraud Defined?

Fraud includes a wide range of crimes that stem from misrepresentation or misleading others for one’s own benefit, usually for some type of financial gain. Many of these crimes fall under federal law either because they are overseen by a federal agency, like mail fraud, or because the actions cross state lines, like wire fraud. Texas law also covers some of these crimes, as well. For example, forging a check is a type of fraud covered by state law.

Common Types Of Fraud

There are many ways to defraud a person or an organization. Some of the more common fraud charges include, but are not limited to:

  • Mail and wire fraud, which can include using the U.S. mail, the telephone system or the internet in furtherance of a crime
  • Bank fraud, including check forgery, writing a bad check and lying to receive money or property
  • Credit card fraud, including identity theft and abusing a credit card
  • Tax fraud, which often constitutes making false statements to avoid paying taxes
  • Insurance fraud, such as making a false claim or intentionally damaging property to make a claim
  • Investment fraud, which can include insider trading, Ponzi schemes or broker embezzlement
  • Computer fraud, including phishing scams and creating false or misleading websites
  • Health care fraud, which is often perpetrated by health care providers to receive payment for services not performed

Penalties for these crimes vary widely based on the level of fraud. Penalties also depend on whether the federal or state government pursues the case.

These cases require an experienced hand and a high level of sophistication. Clarissa has handled over 75 jury trials and understands the law in these areas. She can help you even before your arrest. If you think law enforcement is investigating you for one of these crimes, Clarissa will handle all communication with them and protect your rights from day one.

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