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Clarissa Fernandez Pratt
Clarissa Fernandez Pratt


Michelle V
Meeting Ms. Pratt was a Godsend. She is very attentive to her client’s. I needed a lot of hand holding and God put her in my path. She was able to help my son get his case dismissed.

Oscar C.
Mrs. Fernandez knows her stuff… she can help with the criminal case and any CPS issues that come up. My attorney got my case reduced and I got my kids back… can’t say enough good things about her.

Lizette P.
I was going through a divorce and was being falsely accused of a crime by my ex, Clarissa was the only attorney I felt believed in me and she did not judge me. Stop looking and call her for help ASAP.

Natalie R. S.
I had hired another attorney in town and he wanted me to take a deal which included a conviction on my record. I met with Clarissa and she gave me some ideas on how to fight the charge. I fired my old lawyer and hired Clarissa on the spot. I only regret spending money on that first lawyer.

Olivia T.
Clarissa and her staff are super friendly and go out of their way to make you comfortable. This process was very hard on my family financially, but Clarissa understood and let me pay in payments. Luckily, I was able to keep my job because Clarissa got the case dismissed.

Jorge S.
Ms. Pratt is the kind of lawyer that will sit with you and go over all of your evidence with you. I felt like other lawyers just wanted your money and then don’t want anything to do with you. Ms. Pratt is different, she listened to me and if I needed something or if I want to spend time reviewing with her she just made time for me.

Juan S.L.
I got caught on my 2nd DWI and I thought for sure it was over and I was going to jail. Clarissa talked to the prosecutor and put together some evidence and the case was lowered to an obstruction of a highway. I was just excited to keep my license and job. I have learned my lesson but I kept her number just in case.

Thomas V.
My daughter was in big trouble with the feds and Clarissa worked out a great deal for her and my daughter was very relieved. Ms. Pratt is a straight shooter and will tell you what the next move is and if you should plea or take it to trial.