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Clarissa Fernandez Pratt
Clarissa Fernandez Pratt

Fighting For Your Future In Juvenile Court

Any criminal record can interfere with a person’s future, even as a juvenile. If you or your child face criminal charges as a juvenile, you need a strong, compassionate attorney who will fight for your rights and your future. Clarissa Fernandez Pratt, Attorney at Law, represents clients in the Texas juvenile court system. With over a decade of criminal trial experience, Clarissa understands the law and how these charges could hurt you for years to come. She believes your future is worth fighting for.

What Makes Juvenile Law Different?

Minors can face the same charges as an adult in Texas, but certain charges are based on age, like a minor in possession of alcohol or school truancy. In addition, juveniles do not have all the rights an adult has. Common juvenile offenses include:

Penalties for low-level offenses are often less severe for juvenile crimes and offer more options for avoiding detention. The focus is on rehabilitation rather than punishment. If the case involves a severe, violent crime, the prosecution may decide to try the juvenile as an adult.

The Consequences Of A Conviction

Juveniles may not go to adult prison, but they can face detention. In felony cases, they can be sentenced to detention until the age of 21. The juvenile court system does offer some alternatives, however, such as:

  • Probation
  • Deferred sentencing
  • Diversion programs
  • Drug or alcohol treatment

In addition, you can often have a juvenile record sealed, but it does not happen automatically. You must submit a request. Clarissa will fight to minimize any penalties you face and guide you through the process of sealing your record.

Find Help Today

Clarissa is here to help those facing juvenile crime charges in protecting the future and defending their legal rights. She offers free initial consultations. To schedule an appointment, contact her San Antonio office at 210-417-4590 or her Zapata office at 956-338-0101. You can also send her an online message.