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How to avoid being searched by police

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2022 | Criminal Defense |

Getting stopped by police can be a scary experience. The first thing you should do is stay calm. You should also avoid consenting to having the police take a look inside your car.

Police will ask is there anything in the car that you shouldn’t have? If you hesitate, shake, or answer yes, this will give them probable cause to search you and your vehicle.

There are many reasons that people may be searched. These can include the possibility of a stolen car, a weapon, or suspicion of having drugs. One of the most cited reasons for the search of a car by police is odor of marijuana. Even if you don’t have marijuana and have never smoke marijuana, police can still cite this as a reason for the search. So avoid having anything that looks like residue clearly visible. Having visible scales, baggies, visine drops, rolling papers, open containers are also reasons for the police to try and search your vehicle.

The Fourth Amendment protects against unreasonable searches, and the police are bound by the law. If you are arrested by police, you have the right to a lawyer and you shouldn’t speak to the police about your case unless you have talked to your attorney.