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Foods that can yield a failed interlock test

by | Dec 14, 2022 | DWI |

Having an ignition interlock device installed on your vehicle may be a condition of your bond or probation conditions. These devices are devices that detect the amount of alcohol on your breath and will prevent you from driving if they detect alcohol in your system. However, some foods can interfere with the operation of the device and trigger a false positive.

Some foods and drinks contain small amounts of alcohol. These are not enough to impair your driving, but they may cause a false positive reading on your breathalyzer. In addition, diet can also affect your breathalyzer results.

Some foods that can yield a failed interlock test include chocolate, coffee, margarita chicken, vinegar, wine reduction sauces, and sweets. It is recommended that you wait at least three minutes after eating these foods before taking a breath test. This will give the alcohol time to dissipate.

Alcohol-free drinks may also trigger a false positive on your breathalyzer. These drinks may contain small amounts of ethanol, but they are not enough to impair your driving.