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The dangers of posting about your criminal case on social media

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2022 | Criminal Defense |

Social media is a great way to stay in touch with friends and share information. But if you are dealing with a criminal case, you might want to think again about what you share online.

Given how stressful a criminal case can be, you might want to go online and unleash some of your concerns and frustrations. But while your posts may seem harmless, the prosecution might find a way to use them against you.

Giving evidence away

In Texas courts, most evidence that is relevant to a criminal case is admissible. This includes photos, videos and text that you share online. Even if the content does not necessarily prove anything, the court can try to use it against you if it points to the likelihood that you committed a crime. Also, if a post shows someone else’s involvement in your case, authorities can bring that person into the fold and make your situation worse.

Showing your intentions

If you believe that your case is already over, you might feel like your social media activity will not make any difference at this point. However, you should never assume that the prosecution already has all of the evidence that they need. Something in your posts might show motive, preparation or some other detail that can land you in more trouble. It is not just about what you did, but why and how you did it.

Whenever you discuss your criminal case on a public platform, you never know who might be listening. This is why you must be diligent and focus on defending your rights in court with the help of an attorney.