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Reasons for never posting on social media about your divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2022 | Divorce, Family Law |

Going through a divorce is a precarious situation. Any action could negatively affect the outcome.

Social media is one factor that might work against you. It may be tempting to divulge personal details over the internet during your split. Engaging in such behavior is unwise. Here are some reasons why expressing yourself online could have an unpleasant impact.

Financial habits

It is a natural impulse to share news of a luxury buy or sale. The same goes for vacations. People relish spreading pictures of themselves in exotic locales. During a divorce, though, posts of these natures could become problematic. Judges in divorce courts bear the responsibility of dividing assets. The one overseeing your case might feel your uploads are evidence of hidden wealth.

Custody arrangements

Sometimes, divorcing individuals use any opportunity to gain time with children. An angry ex with images of you partying it up might use such photos to suggest you are an unfit parent. Someone might even willfully misinterpret innocent humor as having malicious intent.

Security matters

Social media platforms allow the restriction of access from designated users. Despite this, what you share is never unreachable. Someone in your network might innocently reshare your post absent the same constraint. Another could be sympathetic to your spouse and deliberately circulate your words. Once your content leaks onto the web, controlling it becomes impossible.

There are many reasons why social media can harm your case during a split. Play it safe by avoiding online platforms during this sensitive time.