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Parole Revocation: How to Help a Loved One Fight

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2021 | Criminal Defense |

Is your loved one having a parole revocation hearing? Call our office to discuss options with Attorney Clarissa Fernandez Pratt at 210-920-2535.

Tips to handle your loved one’s revocation hearing

1) Gather notarized letters from every family member, friend, former colleague, teacher, coach, customer, and/or client that you can find and have them say a few nice words about your incarcerated loved one.

2)Take photos of his/her intended place of residence

3) Have photos of his/her children or any disabled family members that they care for

4) Have an employment acceptance letter ready to go upon his/her release

5) Request any and all parole officer field notes

6) If he/she has been incarcerated before, ask for jail records to show they can follow rules

7) If drugs are an issue, agree to an inpatient treatment facility and attempt to register the individual before the hearing.

8) Go to church, get involved in your community. You will need to show you have a mentor ready to work with your loved one and take them under their wing.